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Townhouse Window Cleaning Melbourne

Inside & Out | Streak-Free Results | 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed*

Professional Townhouse Window Cleaning Services

Crystal-Clear Townhouse Windows, Without The Climb. Mr. Window Cleaning® Does It Every Time!

Townhouses, with their gorgeous multi-level designs and intricate architectural details, are a beauty to behold. But those high windows? They’re magnets for dirt, dust, mould, mildew, and grime. And while they elevate the charm of your home, cleaning them (internally or externally) can be a daunting task. That’s why you need professional townhouse window cleaning Melbourne to enjoy pristine windows, soak in the natural light, and relish the enhanced view without a speck of worry, wasted off-day from work, or the ever-presenting injury risks.

Mr. Window Cleaning® is Melbourne’s top window cleaning company. We’ve crafted our townhouse window cleaning services especially for folks like you. No ladders, no risks – just sparkling windows and happy homes. And we promise, no sneaky surprises with the bill. Transparent windows, transparent pricing – that’s our mantra. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about you, your comfort, and that lovely townhouse of yours shining bright.

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Inside and outside residential window cleaning in melbourne

Find out why Mr Window Cleaning® is a trusted choice for townhouse window cleaning in Melbourne. We don’t cut corners – everything is done by hand! Get in touch with us today for FREE quote from our townhouse window cleaner in Melbourne. Call 042 432 0000 now!

How is Townhouse Window Cleaning Performed?

Cleaning hard-to-reach townhouse windows inside and outside is our specialty. With our various cleaning methods, we guarantee a streak-free finish and pristine results.

Squeegee window cleaner icon

Squeegee Window Cleaning:

Our squeegee method excels for interior window cleaning. Utilizing eco-friendly solutions and the “S” motion, we promise guaranteed top-to-bottom streak-free clarity.

Water fed pole extention window cleaner icon

Pure Water-Fed Pole System:

This technique focuses on exterior window cleaning by using purified water, cleaning resin, and poles (up to 65ft) to efficiently & safely clean windows from the ground.

Microfibre window cleaning cloth icon

Microfibre Cloth:

Our top-grade microfibre cloths, with ultra-fine fibres, effortlessly trap the smallest of dust particles and even bacteria, and mould. Guaranteeing a pristine, lint-free finish!

Super fine steel wool icon

Super-Fine Steel Wool:

We use extra-fine-grained stainless steel wool for gently removing stubborn mineral deposits, debris, and dirt resides on the windows without using harsh chemicals.

What is Included in a Standard
Townhouse Window Cleaning?

Our townhouse window cleaning services are tailored to offer maximum value. Whether it’s exterior or a thorough inside-out cleaning, we adjust our services to meet your exact needs.

Dirty home window with words please clean me mr window

Optional Services

  • Flyscreens
  • Paint Removal
  • Mould & Mildew Treatment
  • Security Screen Door
  • Sticker & Glue Removal
  • Hard Water Stains Removal
Outside home window cleaning icon

Exterior Window Cleaning

Our advanced water-fed pole system takes townhouse exterior window cleaning to the next level of safety and excellence. Using a specialized water-fed brush, we remove stubborn residues and hard water spots to guarantee a flawless, streak-free window transformation.


  • Exterior Glass Panels
  • External Frames
  • External Sills
  • Cobweb Removal (Window Area)
Inside and Outside home window cleaning icon

Inside & Outside Window Cleaning

Combining eco-friendly solutions with precise techniques, our dual-sided window cleaning service addresses all challenges ranging from mineral deposits and grime to oily fingerprints. We ensure protection and clarity for both your window’s surfaces.


  • Exterior & Interior Glass Panels
  • External & Interior Frames
  • External & Interior Sills
  • Cobweb Removal (Window Area)

Customise your townhouse window cleaning service with Mr Window Cleaning®! Call us on 042 432 0000 for more information.

What Are The Benefits of Townhouse Window Cleaning?

Did you know that you could save hundreds of dollars yearly by trusting your townhouse window cleaning needs to experts? The reasons? A blend of expertise-driven benefits, including:

Window cleaner wear harness for safety icon

Safety Comes First

Why risk it when you can relax? Skip climbing ladders and balancing buckets. Let pros handle the tricky bits of townhouse window cleaning.

Window replacement icon

Prevent Window Replacement

Neglecting regular window cleaning could fast-track costly replacements. In Melbourne, window replacement can cost between $150 to $2,000.

Save time icon

Save Valuable Time

The complexity of window cleaning is best left to experts. They help you achieve sparkling windows and spend time on what’s important to you.

Avoid buying expensive gear icon

Avoid Buying Expensive Gear

Choosing pros over purchasing window cleaning tools means both cost-savings and expert results. It’ll save you the hassle and avoid mess.

Air quality icon

Improve Air Quality

Dirty windows can trap pollen, mould, and dust, leading to respiratory problems and hospital bills. All this can be avoided by hiring professionals.

Impressive result icon

Beyond Impressive Results

Exceptional window cleaning outcomes stem from professional expertise, skills, and top-tier equipment. Nothing comes close to it!

Please contact us for a quick quote or discuss your specific requirements for townhouse window cleaning in Melbourne. Call Mr Window Cleaning® now on 042 432 0000 or complete our FREE online quote form.

Townhouse Window Cleaning FAQs

As we all know about Melbourne’s weather conditions, giving townhouse windows a good clean every six months works for most people. But, if you’re constantly sneezing because of allergies or if there’s always some construction dust settling on your sill, you might want to think about cleaning them a bit more often, perhaps every three months.  Also, the frequency of window cleaning depends on several factors, like:

  • Nearby trees, especially those that shed sap or have high pollen
  • Variable weather conditions (frequent changes can lead to more dirt and grime)
  • Living in an area with frequent high winds
  • Pets in the house
  • Type of window treatments (e.g., external blinds or shutters)
  • Personal preference

And a quick note on window frames: wooden frames require frequent cleaning to prevent damage down the road. Similarly, aluminium frames benefit from regular upkeep. And windows with detailed designs are the most difficult to clean. It is because they have small spaces that tend to attract and trap dirt rapidly. Cleaning these can be somewhat tricky. If your windows are out of easy reach or you’re pressed for time, we sincerely suggest considering a professional’s help. Your Melbourne townhouse windows are an integral part of your residence’s beauty and function, and we’re here to guide you in keeping them at their best.

Absolutely. Cleaning high windows, especially in townhouses, can be a challenge, but we’ve got you covered. At Mr Window Cleaning®, we specialize in reaching buildings with windows up to 20 metres (or about 6 stories) above ground without any issues at all. And the best part? We can do this without the use of ladders or scaffolding. We employ the Pure Water-Fed Pole System, an innovative method that makes use of poles over 65ft in length. This allows us to clean the exterior of high windows from the safety and convenience of the ground. Not only is this method safe for our dedicated team, but it also ensures that the work is done efficiently and swiftly.

Moreover, you can be confident in the finish we provide. Our method ensures that your windows will be 100% streak-free and glistening. This is because we use de-Ionisation Tank to purify water before cleaning the windows. Purified water is free from the usual minerals found in hard water that can often leave deposits or spots on windows when they dry, especially in the baking hot sun. With our method, once your windows dry, they’ll be clear and beautiful.

The duration for townhouse window cleaning depends on the number and condition of windows, as well as if you’re opting for both interior and exterior cleaning. On average, the process takes 2-4 hours. But the best part about working with Mr Window Cleaning® is that we have very transparent pricing. Unlike other window cleaning companies in Melbourne, we charge by the job, not the hour. This means there are no hidden costs or surprises waiting at the end of the job.

For a customised quote tailored to your needs, contact Mr Window Cleaning® today. We provide accurate estimates and prioritize both efficiency and top-notch quality.

Melbourne’s weather can be unpredictable, but we’re not. If it rains after we’ve cleaned your townhouse windows, you won’t have to worry about streaking or spots. This is because we meticulously remove all pollutants like pollen, dust, fingerprints, grime, mould, and bird droppings.

When the rain hits a thoroughly cleaned window, the droplets simply glide off, leaving your windows as pristine as before. Additionally, our dedicated window cleaners are even equipped to work during light rain to ensure continuity of service.

Of course, we understand that every homeowner’s needs are unique and we deeply care about offering solutions that work best for you. At Mr Window Cleaning®, our primary focus is ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of our customers. Recognizing the diverse requirements of our valued clientele, we offer customized window cleaning packages tailored to individual needs and their budget.

If you’re comfortable and prefer handling the interior cleaning yourself, we are more than happy to exclusively take care of the exterior window cleaning for you. However, it’s essential to mention that for achieving uniformly clean and perfect windows – both inside and out – it might be best to consider our comprehensive services for both interior and exterior window cleaning. It won’t cost you much and also ensure that your windows not only look flawless but also reflect the high standard of cleanliness we aspire to deliver. Whatever you decide, we’re here to support and provide the best service possible.

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