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Tennis Court Cleaning Melbourne

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Professional Tennis Court Cleaning Services

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Neglecting your tennis court maintenance poses real injury risks. Why risk playing on a compromised surface? Our professional tennis court pressure cleaning Melbourne offers a safety-first solution, often revitalising your court so well that repainting becomes unnecessary.  Contact us now for a FREE, no-obligation QUOTE. Dial 042 432 0000 and let us bring your court back to life. Ready to make your serve? We’re waiting on the other side of the net!

How is Tennis Court Cleaning Performed?

We harness the effectiveness of a meticulous combination of high and low-pressure washing with eco-friendly solutions for mould, moss, and algae removal, ensuring unprecedented results.

Water fed brush icon

Soft-Bristled Broom Sweeping

First off, we start by sweeping the entire court surface with a soft-bristled broom to remove loose debris such as leaves, dirt, debris, and small stones.


Pressure Washing

Next, we employ a medium-pressure industry-grade pressure cleaner to remove deep-seated dirt, stains, algae, moss, and other residues from the court surface without causing damage.

Microfibre window cleaning cloth icon

Tennis Court Scrubber

For stubborn stains, dirt, moss, or contaminants, where high-pressure cleaning risks damage, we use a tennis court scrubber with rotating brushes to effectively clean and remove scuff marks.


Moss & Algae Treatment

To combat prevalent algae or moss, our experts apply an eco-friendly treatment using a backpack or low-pressure Xjet Nozzle sprayer for even coverage and effective elimination.

What Can Be Removed in
Tennis Court Cleaning?

Professional tennis court cleaning Melbourne services typically involve a multi-step process to ensure the court is thoroughly cleaned and restored to its original condition, something that DIY cannot achieve. The comprehensive service usually covers:

Tennis court cleaning

Benefits of Tennis Court Cleaning

  • Improves Safety (no slipperiness)
  • Court Looks New
  • Extends Surface’s Life
  • Enhances Playability
  • Prevents Damage & Early Costs
  • Early Problem Detection  

Systematic Surface Cleaning

The tennis court surface is continuously subjected to wear and tear from both play and environmental factors, leading to the accumulation of dirt, debris, and potential growth of moss and algae. This affects the court’s appearance but can also affect its playability and safety. To address this, our three steps method entails:

Step 1: Pre-Cleaning Treatment: We start by applying an eco-friendly, gentle solution to break down the dirt, debris, and any organic growth. This solution is effective yet non-damaging to the court’s specific surface material.

Step 2: Brushing & Scrubbing: Tailored to your court’s surface, our precision brushing technique expertly dislodges deep-seated dirt and growth, ensuring a deep clean without any damage or wear.

Step 3: Controlled Rinse and Wash: Finally, we’ll rinse your tennis court with controlled pressure washing to remove all cleaning agents, loosened debris, and dirt.


Moss & Algae Treatment

Even after a thorough pressure wash, unseen moss spores and fungi can linger in your court’s crevices and grow again to make the surface slippery and dangerous. To ensure complete removal and tennis court cleaning service, our two-step moss and algae elimination method is of paramount importance:

Step 1: Eco-Friendly Solution Application: After the pressure wash, we apply a specialized, eco-friendly moss and algae killer. This solution is carefully formulated to penetrate the surface profile and gaps, effectively targeting and destroying hidden moss spores and fungi. It’s designed to be tough on these organisms while being gentle on the court’s surface, ensuring no damage.

Step 2: Rinsing for Complete Removal: Following the application, we thoroughly rinse the court with controlled pressure. This step is critical to remove any remnants of the moss and algae killer, along with the now-eradicated spores and fungi.


Don’t let a neglected court spoil your match or pose an injury risk. Swing into action with our expert cleaning service. We’ll bring back your court’s grand slam glory, making it a winner again. Call 0424 320 000 now and let’s turn your court into the pride of the game.

How Much Does Tennis Court Cleaning Cost?

The cost of tennis court cleaning is as unique as the players who play this great sport. It varies from company to company and usually hinges on several factors, such as:

Size of area icon

Court Size

A larger court isn’t just a grander stage for epic matches; it’s also a broader area for the cleaning pros. The more time and material it takes to clean it means higher costs.


Surface Type

Hard, clay, grass, or synthetic – each surface has its own cleaning playbook. Which means each surface type requires specialised equipment and cleaning solutions.


Moss & Algae

These uninvited guests on your court can be quite clingy. Naturally, it adds layers of complexity to the cleaning process, requiring specialised strategies and eco-friendly treatments.


Cleaning Severity

Stain-laden tennis courts with heavy accumulation of dirt, debris, moss, or algae will require more intensive cleaning and treatments, resulting in higher costs.

Frequency of cleaning service icon

Frequency of Cleaning

Regularly scheduled cleanings? That’s playing the long game for cost savings. After all, the tennis court pressure washing team will have far less to clean on their next visit.

Addtional optional service icon

Additional Services

Getting other services along with professional tennis court cleaning services Melbourne like commercial window cleaning or car park cleaning will incur more cost.

Are you volleying with the uncertainty of tennis court cleaning costs in Melbourne? At Mr. Window Cleaning®, we serve up transparency with our fixed pricing for tennis court pressure cleaning. Say goodbye to the unpredictability of hourly rates and hidden charges. We provide clear, upfront costs that won’t give you the run-around. Contact us at 0424 320 000 for an instant FREE QUOTE.

Tennis Court Cleaning FAQs

The frequency of cleaning will depend on the type of court surface, the amount of use it gets, and the environmental conditions. For a general idea, it would be best to hire professionals for hard and synthetic grass courts about 2-4 times per year. For clay courts, it would be best to have them cleaned 4-6 times per year.        

 If your court is heavily used or located in an area with trees around, you may need to clean it more often. Conversely, if your court is rarely used or located in a protected area, you may be able to clean it less frequently.

It certainly can if not handled with expertise. While DIY tennis court cleaning with pressure washers might seem like a quick fix, it poses a risk of damaging your court’s surface. In contrast, our professional tennis court pressure cleaning service employs controlled techniques, meticulously calibrated for each court type.

We understand that different surfaces, whether hard, clay, grass, or synthetic, require specific pressures and cleaning agents. Our approach ensures a thorough clean without any harm, safeguarding your investment. By entrusting us with your court, you avoid the pitfalls of DIY methods and ensure its longevity and playability.

The cleaning process for a tennis court typically spans a few hours (about 2-3 hours for a single court), but this can vary depending on several factors. The size of the court plays a significant role – larger courts naturally take more time to clean thoroughly. Additionally, the type of surface influences the cleaning approach and duration.    

Moreover, level of soiling and the presence of stubborn stains or growths like moss and algae also contribute to the cleaning time. Courts with heavy dirt accumulation or widespread moss may require more intensive and thus time-consuming cleaning methods.

Not at all. In our tennis court pressure cleaning service Melbourne, we are committed to using only eco-friendly solutions, especially when addressing challenging issues like moss and algae removal. We understand the importance of maintaining both the integrity of your court and the safety of the environment. Therefore, the products we choose are free from harmful chemicals and detergents that could potentially damage the court surface or pose health risks.

Our eco-friendly solution is specifically formulated to effectively tackle moss and algae without any adverse effects. It’s gentle on the court’s surface, be it hard, clay, grass, or synthetic, ensuring that the cleaning process preserves the quality and longevity of your court.

After a professional Tennis court cleaning service Melbourne, maintaining your court is crucial to preserve its condition and extend its lifespan. Regular sweeping is essential; it helps remove dirt, leaves, and other debris that can accumulate on the surface. This simple routine prevents the build-up of materials that could lead to staining or encourage the growth of moss and algae. Promptly addressing spills and stains is another key aspect of maintenance. Quick action can prevent permanent discoloration or damage to the court surface.

Additionally, if your court is in an area with high tree coverage or exposure to environmental elements, more frequent cleaning may be necessary to keep it in top shape. We also provide customized maintenance tips, considering the specific type of your court’s surface.

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