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Solar Panel Cleaning Melbourne

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Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Maximise Solar Panel Efficiency, Minimise The Hassle Of Cleaning Grime. Trust Mr. Window Cleaning® To Make Your Solar Panels Shine!

Did you know that dust, grime, and other environmental pollutants can accumulate on solar panels, severely affecting their efficiency. This isn’t just a minor issue; without regular cleaning and upkeep, the energy yield of your PV panels can plummet by a staggering 20% to 40%, if not more. Entrust the care of your panels to Melbourne’s premier solar panel cleaning experts at Mr. Window Cleaning®.

Our crew comprises licensed, insured, and bonded professionals who have meticulously training in advanced solar panel cleaning techniques. Moreover, we offer an eco-friendly cleaning approach, ensuring that our residential customers benefit from chemical-free cleaning solutions. It’s not only about clean panels; it’s about a cleaner, greener future.


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Find out why Mr Window Cleaning® is the best solar panel cleaning company in Melbourne. Trust in Mr. Window Cleaning: Where clarity meets efficiencyGet in touch with us today for FREE quote from our solar panel cleaner in Melbourne. Call 042 432 0000 now!

How is Solar Panel Cleaning Performed?

Cleaning solar panels can be challenging and risky, yet our experts masterfully employ Pure Water System to deliver the safest and effective solar panel cleaning service in Melbourne.

De-ionisation tank pure water system icon

De-Ionisation Tank

Unlike some other who use pressure washer, we employ industry-grade de-ionisation tank to clean solar panels with purified water – ensuring no film, residue, or spots remain.

Resin chemical icon


For spot-free solar panel cleaning, we use purified water enriched with top-quality resin. It removes dissolved solids, ensuring a flawless finish across different water qualities.


Non-Scratch Scraper

Instead of using abrasive substances or harsh cleaning solutions, we utilize non-scratch scrapers to delicately remove residues such as bird droppings and hard watermarks.

Water fed brush icon

Water-Fed Brush

The gentle water-fed scrub brush and deionized water ensures all the accumulated dirt is removed without scratching the solar panels and leaving any film or spots.

What Are The Benefits of Solar Panel Cleaning?

Professional solar panel cleaning provides the safety cushion and assures that experts are handling your solar investment. But there are two standout reasons you can’t ignore:

Cleaned verse dirty solar panel in melbourne up to -42% reduction efficiency

Other Benefits

  • Saves time & money
  • Increases Solar Panels’ Lifespan
  • Zero panel-damaging scratches
  • Identifies Potential Issues Early
  • Consistent Cleaning Results
  • Improves Your ROI Time
Solar power output efficiency icon

Improves Output Efficiency

Since solar panels convert light (sunshine) into electricity, the output can significantly drop to as much as 42% due to dirt, water pooling, and tree debris. However, regular solar panel cleaning guarantees peak performance throughout – allowing you to save more money.

We achieve this by:

  • Using specialised solar panel cleaning equipment
  • Cleaning mineral deposits from hard water       
  • Reducing micro-shading through removing mould, moss, dirt build-up, and bird droppings
Solar panel warranty protection icon

Warranty Protection

Did you know that most solar panel makers require professional cleaning to maintain warranties? It’s not mere formality—it’s due to the delicate nature of solar panels. Without proof of professional solar panel cleaning, warranty may be voided in case of a malfunction.

We make sure it doesn’t happen by:

  • Remaining compliant with manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines  
  • Using 100% eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • Avoiding scratches on panels

Customise your solar panel cleaning service Melbourne with Mr Window Cleaning®! Call us on 042 432 0000 for more information.

How Much Does Solar Panel Cleaning Cost?

For Melbourne homeowners, we prioritize quality & affordability. Starting at just $12/panel for single-storey homes, the exact quote is influenced by specific factors, including:

Location of solar panel icon

Solar Panel Location

Higher reach (single storey or double storey) can affect the cost along with the steepness since it usually means cleaning hard-to-reach modules’ areas.

Quantity of solar panel

Number of Panels

Depending on the number of panels and the type, such as Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline panels, that could cost anywhere from $240-440 per 20 panels.

Solar panel size icon

Size of Solar Panels

A bigger solar panel system means the cleaning service cost increases due to the additional time, materials, and potential equipment required.

Solar panel condition icon

Condition of The Panels

The dirtier the panels, the longer our team will have to clean them. This means the more cleaning solution they need. Best way to avoid it? Regular solar panel cleaning.

Frequency of cleaning service icon

Frequency of Cleaning

Lack of regular solar panel cleaning costs more as it leads to build-up of dirt and grime, making the cleaning session time-consuming and complex.

Addtional optional service icon

Additional Services

Beyond our professional solar panel cleaning services Melbourne, additional services like pressure cleaning and gutter cleaning can cost you extra.

“Kindly note that we have a minimum charge of $150, inclusive of GST, applicable to solar panel cleaning services.” Call Mr Window Cleaning® now on 0424 320 000 to find out more about solar panel cleaning costs in Melbourne.

Solar Panel Cleaning FAQs

Ideally, it would be best to have your Melbourne property’s solar panels cleaned twice a year (once every six months) to maintain their high efficiency. Since your goal is to maximise solar panels system’s output, lower energy bill, and safeguard your solar investment to reap long-term benefits, you can even consider having solar panels cleaned by experts once every four months – especially when considering other factors that can influence the frequency of cleaning, such as:

  • If there’s a noticeable drop in energy production, it could be a sign that the panels need cleaning
  • Angle of panels is important, as flat solar panels tend to accumulate more debris than tilted ones.
  • Melbourne’s unpredictable weather conditions (four seasons in one day) surely come into play
  • Panels near trees can accumulate tree sap or bird droppings, necessitating more frequent cleaning
  • Areas with high industrial pollution or construction activities might require more regular cleaning
  • Some solar panel manufacturers might have specific cleaning intervals to ensure optimal performance

Pro Tip For You: We genuinely believe in helping you get the most out of your investment. While it might be tempting to opt for DIY methods or skip solar panel cleaning for months to save a bit, it is important to remember that your solar system is a valuable asset. Trusting a professional for proper cleaning ensures you’re drawing maximum solar efficiency and longevity from your panels. Beyond just cleaning, a seasoned solar panel cleaner in Melbourne can identify minor issues before they escalate. We’ve seen instances where neglect led to unexpected costs for homeowners.

Here, we have a very comprehensive approach to deliver consistent results for Melbourne residents. We offer top-quality value and cost-competitive pricing through a tried-and-tested process, that involves:

  • Step 1: Our experts take a comprehensive look at your solar panels to understand the specifics of the location. This initial step allows us to strategize the best possible approach for cleaning, ensuring we account for every little detail
  • Step 2: We clean your solar panels using professional-grade Non-Scratch Scrape. Over time, bird droppings, hard water stains, and other tenacious residues can accumulate on the panels, hampering their efficiency. Traditional cleaning methods might risk scratching and damaging the delicate surfaces of these panels. Our scrapers are meticulously designed to dislodge and remove stubborn particulates without causing any scratches on the solar panels’ surfaces. The result is a crystal-clear panel free of contaminants, ensuring optimal performance without compromising its integrity
  • Step 3: Once the cleaning completes, we show before & after images to highlight areas that were cleaned and discuss about any potential issues spotted along with recommendations for future maintenance if necessary.
  • Step 4: We guide you on how to maintain your solar panels and when your next professional cleaning might be required, ensuring you get the maximum output from your solar investment.

To know more, please feel free to give us a call at 042 432 0000. We’d be more than happy to answer to any questions or concerns you may have.

Well, the time required for solar panel cleaning can vary based on several factors. On average, it takes approximately 1-2 hours to clean 10 solar panel modules. However, the duration can change depending on the following considerations:

  • Pre-inspection Time: Sometimes, a preliminary inspection is needed to assess the condition of the panels and devise a cleaning strategy.
  • Level of Dirt Accumulation: Solar panels with heavier dirt or debris accumulation may take longer to clean compared to those with minimal soiling.
  • Accessibility of Panels: Panels installed at challenging angles on the roof might require additional time for safe and thorough cleaning.
  • Presence of Persistent Stains: Marks like bird droppings, sap, or hard water stains might need specialized treatment, prolonging the cleaning time.
  • Frequency of Cleaning: Panels that are cleaned more regularly might be quicker to clean than those that have been neglected for longer durations.

In order to get a customised quote tailored to your requirements, contact Mr Window Cleaning® today. We would be glad to provide a no-obligation, accurate estimate to you.

These are some telltale signs that clearly suggest you need to call Mr Window Cleaning® for a comprehensive solar panel cleaning service:

  • Decreased Energy Output: One of the most obvious signs is when you start noticing a reduction in your solar panels’ efficiency or a drop in the energy they produce.
  • Visible Dirt and Debris: If you see layers of dust, bird droppings, or other debris on the surface of the panels, it’s time to consider a cleaning.
  • Moss, Mould, or Algae Growth: In humid conditions or shaded areas, moss, mould, or algae can grow on solar panels. This not only affects efficiency but can also damage the panels over time.
  • Water Staining: Over time, rain or hard water can leave stains on your solar panels, especially if they are tilted at a shallow angle. These stains can reduce the efficacy of the panels.
  • It’s Been Over A Year: If you haven’t had your panels cleaned in the last year, it’s recommended to have them checked and cleaned by a professional. Regular maintenance can prolong the life and efficiency of your panels AND save you lots of money!

Identifying the signs early on can prevent a decline in the efficiency of your solar panels and save on potential costs in the long run. Melbourne’s varied climate and environmental factors make regular solar panel cleaning essential.

Unfortunately, yes! When you clean the panels yourself, there’s a risk of causing scratches or other damages using improper tools or techniques. These damages can compromise the panel’s performance. Moreover, many leading solar panel manufacturers have a specific condition in their warranty: only professional cleaning will keep the warranty intact.

Therefore, if you choose the DIY route, you might inadvertently void the warranty. It’s crucial to consult your warranty terms before deciding on a cleaning method to ensure your panels remain protected. The best course of action would be to call the pros at Mr Window Cleaning® to do the job in a completely safe, mess-free, and affordable manner.

Absolutely not! Unlike some solar panel cleaning companies, we steer clear of using pressure washers for cleaning solar panels. The reason is straightforward: pressure washers can be incredibly forceful, potentially causing damage to the delicate surface of the solar panels. Any damage or even minor abrasions can compromise the panels’ performance and efficiency. Taking such risks with valuable equipment is not in our practice.

Instead, our preferred method is the Pure Water System. This system is not only highly effective at removing grime and dirt but is also gentle on the panels, ensuring their longevity.

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