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NDIS Pressure Cleaning Melbourne

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Professional NDIS Pressure Cleaning Services

Pristine and Polished, Grime Demolished – Premier NDIS Pressure Cleaning Services Tailored for You

Mr. Window Cleaning® is passionately committed to enhancing the lives of NDIS clients living with disabilities by ensuring their homes are radiantly clean and welcoming. We understand the significance of easing the burden of home cleaning, and our mission is to alleviate the stress of cleaning for our clients. Our reputation in the disability sector has flourished, a testament to our dedicated, insured, and police-checked Local Melbourne pressure cleaning team. They bring not only expertise but also a heartfelt dedication to caring for each home as if it were their own.

Boasting over 15 years of experience in the cleaning industry, we have had the privilege of serving numerous NDIS clients. We adhere strictly to NDIS guidelines and offer a comprehensive range of pressure cleaning services, ranging from transforming external walls and fences to driveways and patios. Reach out to us today, and let us rejuvenate your outdoor spaces with the utmost care and professionalism.

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Driveway cleaning with surface cleaner in Melbourne

Imagine stepping out into a space that not only looks pristine but feels like a sanctuary, tailored for your comfort and safety. This is not just a NDIS pressure cleaning service; it’s our promise to you, to bring a new lease of life to your environment. Allow us to transform your space into a haven of cleanliness and tranquility. Your peace of mind is priceless, and with us, it’s within reach. Call 042 432 0000 or contact us for a FREE QUOTE today.

How is NDIS Pressure Cleaning Performed?

We first understand what pressure cleaning service is required and then send our team with advanced pressure washing machines and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to your location.


Chemical Pre-Treat

Using high-pressure washer for too long can damage the surface. So to break down stubborn stains and build-ups, we use eco-friendly chemical solutions before using pressure cleaning equipment.


Industry-Grade Scrubbers & Scrappers

For certain cleaning tasks, especially where dirt and other hard materials are deeply embedded or particularly stubborn, manual scrubbing is an essential preparatory step before pressure washing.


High Pressure Cleaner

When dealing with materials that are resistant to damage, we employ a high-powered pressure washer, ranging from 3000 to 5000 PSI, to efficiently cleanse outdoor spaces and surfaces.


Xjet Nozzle

When a delicate pressure cleaning approach is required for soft wood or old masonry, we use Xjet nozzle with a lower pressure of 800-1500 PSI. Also, it helps even distribution of cleaning solutions.

What are The Benefits of
NDIS Pressure Cleaning?

Pressure cleaning is the most efficient and budget-friendly cleaning method. It significantly cuts down on both the time and the quantity of cleaning agents needed. Additionally, with NDIS pressure cleaning service Melbourne, you’re getting more than just an aesthetic upgrade for your space:

Other Services

  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Brick Cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Early Problem Detection  
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Prevents Expensive Repairs

Your driveway is more than just a pathway; it’s your home’s first impression. Our professional driveway cleaning team specializes in rejuvenating it with a simple 3-Step Process:

1. Edging: We begin by carefully edging the driveway, ensuring that every inch and corner is attended to.
2. Surface Cleaning: Next, we utilize a pressure washer surface cleaner to remove surface dirt evenly, leaving no streaks behind.
3. Rinse Off: Finally, we thoroughly rinse off any remaining residue, leaving you with a refreshed and inviting entrance.

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Enhances Safety

Your home’s exterior is more than just a façade; it is a reflection of your living environment and style. When it comes to an exterior house wash service, there are 2 x Primary Reasons:

1. General Exterior Wash: Our soft wash method effectively removes cobwebs, dirt, and weathering effects, ideal for routine maintenance to keep your home looking its best.
2. After Renovation Wash: For post-renovation cleanup, we employ a high-pressure method with specialized acid-based solutions to tackle mortar stains and stubborn dirt.

Stop battling slippery surfaces and unsightly grime. Unleash the power of our NDIS pressure cleaning service Melbourne and reclaim the beauty and safety of your place. Dial 042 432 0000 and let’s make your property a beacon of cleanliness and security, starting today.

How Much Does NDIS Pressure Cleaning Cost?

Understanding the cost of NDIS pressure cleaning in Melbourne requires considering several key factors. Our quotes are uniquely crafted to reflect the specific requirements of your property.

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Size of Area

This is the most significant factor affecting the NDIS pressure cleaning price. Larger areas will take longer to clean and require more equipment, resulting in a higher cost.


Type of Surface

Various surfaces require distinct pressure cleaning methods and tools, e.g. pressure cleaning concrete demands specific equipment unlike those used for cleaning wood or brick surfaces.

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Cleaning Severity

Areas with heavy soiling demand extra cleaning time and effort, bumping up the price. Expect added charges from service providers for tackling tough stains or dense dirt accumulation.

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Accessing hard-to-reach areas often necessitates extra equipment such as ladders or scaffolding, leading to higher costs due to the added complexity and safety requirements involved.

Frequency of cleaning service icon

Cleaning Frequency

The general rule of thumb is that regular maintenance cleaning tends to be more cost-effective per session compared to a single deep clean, thanks to less dirt accumulation.

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Additional Services

Extra services like cleaning driveways, gutters, and solar panels can escalate the total cost, as these tasks demand specialised equipment, expertise, and more time for detailed cleaning.

We understand the unique needs of our NDIS clients and are committed to providing top-quality service at a reasonable price. We believe in simplicity and transparency, which is why we offer fixed pricing with no hidden costs or fluctuating hourly fees. Choose Mr. Window Cleaning® for a pressure cleaning Melbourne experience that respects both your requirements and your budget. Call 042 432 0000 for a quick FREE QUOTE.

NDIS Pressure Cleaning FAQs

Scheduling NDIS pressure cleaning services in Melbourne largely hinges on your individual needs and the specific conditions of your environment. Generally, a bi-annual (twice a year) cleaning schedule is advisable for most homes to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. However, this can vary based on several factors. For instance, if your home is in an area with high exposure to dust, pollen, or industrial pollutants, or if it’s surrounded by trees and plants that tend to leave more debris, you might need to opt for more frequent cleanings. Additionally, certain seasons might bring more dirt and grime, necessitating additional cleaning sessions. It’s important to monitor the condition of your spaces and schedule pressure cleanings as needed.

Pro Tip: To ensure your living space remains consistently clean and safe, especially for those with specific health conditions, consider setting up a regular cleaning schedule with your service provider. Regular maintenance not only keeps your environment hygienic but also helps in the early detection and removal of potential hazards like mould and mildew, which can be detrimental to health.

NDIS pressure cleaning is generally safe for a wide range of surfaces, but it’s crucial to understand that different materials require different cleaning approaches to prevent damage. The safety and effectiveness of pressure cleaning largely depend on the technique used, the pressure settings, and the type of cleaning agents applied.

Concrete Surfaces: Pressure cleaning is highly effective for concrete driveways, walkways, and patios. It can remove dirt, grime, and even oil stains efficiently. However, the pressure must be properly adjusted to avoid etching or eroding the concrete.

Wooden Surfaces: Decks and wooden fences can be cleaned using pressure washing, but it requires a lower pressure setting to prevent damage to the wood’s surface. Specialised nozzles and techniques are used to gently lift dirt without stripping away the wood’s protective coatings.

Brick and Stone: These materials can withstand pressure cleaning, but care must be taken with older brickwork or masonry that may be more fragile. The correct pressure setting can remove moss, algae, and weather stains without damaging the mortar.

Absolutely, our commitment to the environment and your well-being is paramount in our cleaning services. We utilize biodegradable equipment and eco-friendly cleaning agents that are specially formulated to be gentle on the planet.

Our solutions for tackling mould, algae, and mildew are not only effective but also environmentally safe. They pose no harm to surrounding plants or your beloved pets. This approach ensures that we provide top-notch cleaning results while maintaining a minimal ecological footprint and safeguarding the health of your family and the environment.

Yes of course, our NDIS pressure cleaning service is particularly adept at tackling tough stains, such as oil and grease. We employ a combination of high-pressure water and specialised cleaning agents that penetrate and break down even the most stubborn grime. For instance, when dealing with oil stains on a driveway or garage floor, our equipment can effectively lift the oil from the surface, leaving it looking like new. The high-pressure water jet is specifically calibrated to target the stain without damaging the underlying surface.

Our techniques are also highly effective for grease spots, which are common in outdoor cooking areas or around barbecues. We use eco-friendly degreasers that work in conjunction with the pressure washing, ensuring that grease is not just spread around but completely removed. Moreover, our approach is gentle enough to protect the integrity of your surfaces, whether it’s concrete, pavers, or other outdoor materials.

Absolutely. We have extensive experience working with NDIS participants and NDIS coordinators, having serviced hundreds of clients throughout Melbourne. Our team is well-versed in the unique needs and preferences of NDIS participants, ensuring that every cleaning job is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

We strictly adhere to NDIS guidelines and standards, making sure that our services not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients. Our commitment to following these guidelines guarantees a smooth, hassle-free experience for both participants and coordinators, making us a trusted choice for NDIS pressure cleaning services in Melbourne.

Typically, the pressure cleaning process takes about 2-3 hours, though this can vary based on the size and state of the area being treated. For instance, a small patio might be cleaned relatively quickly, while a larger driveway or a surface with extensive staining may require more time.

Before we begin, we assess the area and provide you with an estimated duration, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the time involved. Our aim is to be efficient yet thorough, guaranteeing a high-quality clean within a reasonable timeframe.

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