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In general, it’s recommended that you clean your windows every 6 months to 1 year.
However, the frequency of window cleaning can depend on various factors, such as:

  • Level of pollution
  • Weather condition
  • Type of window
  • Personal preference

Top tip: Regular window cleaning can help maintain and prevent hard water stains from building up on your windows. If you are looking to DIY window cleaning, consider investing in a window cleaning kit that includes a squeegee, scraper or razor blade, extension poles, microfiber cloths, and some vinegar.

Absolutely! Our window cleaning company can reach buildings with glass up to 20 metres (6 stories) above ground in most cases, without the need for ladders or scaffolding.

How do we do it? We use the latest window cleaning technology called the Pure Water System, which involves a long water-fed pole with a Deionisation (DI) Tank. The best part? It’s a safe and eco-friendly method with no chemicals used, and it delivers exceptional streak-free results.

Our Standard Window Cleaning service includes streak-free glass cleaning, wiping down of frames and sills, cobweb removal around the window area, and removal of bug marks, paints and other marks.

Firstly, rain itself does not affect the quality of the job. The four main causes of dirty windows are dust, pollen, fingerprints and insect/bird droppings. If the windows have just been cleaned, the raindrop will simply run off the cleaned glass and the windows will continue to remain clean.

Therefore, our window cleaner in Melbourne generally continues working during light rain. However, if the weather conditions are extreme and the job involves external window cleaning or roof-related task, we may need to reschedule our window cleaning services for the safety of our staff.

Yes, we do! At Mr Window Cleaning®, we take pride in our extensive experience working with numerous builders throughout Melbourne. Our experienced team is trained to handle the unique challenges of post-construction cleaning, including the removal of construction-related debris, adhesive residue, paint splatters and more.

We deeply value our senior clients, though we don’t currently provide specialized discounts. Our commitment is to maintain competitive pricing for all, ensuring exceptional quality and service. Please explore our dedicated Window Cleaning Promotion” page for enticing offers, aiming to make your experience both affordable and outstanding.

Furthermore, we’d like to highlight that some local councils offer exclusive programs for senior residents. To learn more about these opportunities, please visit our “Window Cleaning Program” section, designed to enhance your understanding of available options.

We have streamlined our process and no longer offer onsite inspections for residential window cleaning. This decision is driven by a commitment to enhance your experience in several ways:

  1. Efficiency and Satisfaction: By eliminating onsite inspections, we ensure a faster quote response, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction.
  2. Quality and Capacity: Our focus enables us to increase our work capacity while maximizing the quality of service delivered.
  3. Affordable Pricing: Without the overhead of onsite visits, we’re able to provide competitive pricing to our valued clients.

We’ve adopted a better approach for accurate quotes:

  • Ultilize resources from Google Maps, visuals.
  • Alternatively, you’re welcome to share photos with us.

Transparency Assurance: Rest assured that the quoted amount is final; there will be no unforeseen or additional charges. We share your sentiment – surprises are best kept for other occasions, not your billing.