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Exterior Window Cleaning Melbourne

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Professional Exterior Window Cleaning Services

Don’t Risk A Fall, Give Us A Call. Mr. Window Take Care of It All!

We totally get it… you want to save money and are hesitant about opting for exterior & interior window cleaning. Got hard-to-reach windows? No worries! We’ll take care of it all. You can maximize savings and have shiny clean windows without any risks with our customized exterior window cleaning service. Our Melbourne window cleaners will get those windows not just clean but sparkling.

With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and solid standards to live up to, we meet expectations by delivering reliable window cleaning services. So, don’t let dirty exterior windows dim your view (or dampen the charm of your Melbourne property) – contact our team today.


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External window cleaning service in Melbourne property with water fed brush

Find out why Mr Window Cleaning® is a trusted choice for exterior window cleaning in Melbourne. We don’t cut corners – everything is done by hand! Get in touch with us today for FREE quote from our exterior window cleaner in Melbourne. Call 042 432 0000 now!

How is Exterior Window Cleaning Performed?

We deliver top-notch, crystal-clear results by using our Pure Water System that breathes new life into your exterior windows. Like you just recently installed them!

De-ionisation tank pure water system icon

De-Ionisation Tank

Utilizing a de-ionisation tank, our exterior window cleaning elevates clarity. This method purifies water, ensuring spotless, residue-free windows while being eco-friendly.

Resin chemical icon

Window Cleaning Resin

Resin is an integral mineral filtration agent, ensures a flawless, impurity-free window finish by extracting magnesium and calcium from hard water, guaranteeing streak-free clarity.

Pole extention icon

Pole Extension

With pole extensions (upto 65ft), we elevate exterior window cleaning reaches to new heights. It allows safe access to tall windows for a spotless shine from top to bottom.

Water fed brush icon

Water-Fed Brush

Using a water-fed brush, our exterior window cleaning becomes more efficient. The continuous flow loosens dirt, while the brush sweeps it away to give a uniform, gleaming finish.

What is Included in a Standard Exterior
Window Cleaning?

Our exterior window cleaning service is designed to give you the most value for your money. Therefore, our single exterior window cleaning package includes:

Water fed brush cleaning windows

Optional Services

  • Flyscreens
  • Paint Removal
  • Mould & Mildew Treatment
  • Security Screen Door
  • Sticker & Glue Removal
  • Hard Water Stain Removal
Glass panel icon

Glass Panel Cleaning

With a blend of latest equipment and environmentally-friendly cleansers, our dedicated team tackles dirt, smudges, and grime, ensuring crystal-clear results. From high-rise to single-story, we handle all building types.

Incl. Removal of:

  • Bug Marks
  • Water Spots
  • Streaks From Previous Cleaning
Window frame and sill icon

Frames & Sills Cleaning

Going beyond the glass, our comprehensive exterior window cleaning service includes wiping down frames and sills. With eco-friendly chemicals and local expertise, we restore your windows’ radiance from every angle.

Incl. Removal of:

  • Dirt & Grime
  • Bird Droppings
  • Cobweb Removal (Window Area)

Customise your exterior window cleaning service with Mr Window Cleaning®! Call us on 0424 320 000 for more information!

How Much Does Exterior Window Cleaning Cost?

On average, Melbourne homeowners spend between $150 and $450 for exterior window cleaning. However, this is a ballpark figure, with many elements affecting the final quote.

Number of windows icon

Number of Windows

If you’re looking to spruce up just a couple exterior windows, it won’t stretch your budget much. However, as windows multiply, so does the cost.

Window size icon

Window Size

Larger windows demand more resources, time, and precision. As the pane expands, so does the price of ensuring a spotless finish.

Mr Window Cleaner on a ladder icon

Window Accessibility

Hard-to-reach windows demand more, but it’s about safety, not extra profit. The additional cost reflects genuine effort and care.

Types of windows icon

Types of Windows

Just as you would expect a colonial window to look different from a double-hung, their cleaning process and costs can vary too.

Addtional optional service icon

Additional Services

The overall cost of exterior window cleaning increases if you opt for additional services like skylight cleaning and other special treatments.

Frequency of cleaning service icon

Frequency of Cleaning

Frequent window cleaning prevents stubborn spots and accumulated dirt settle, which will be cheaper to clean in the long run.

Please note that all prices provided are only general estimates, and the actual cost will depend on your specific requirements for exterior window cleaning in Melbourne. Call Mr Window Cleaning® now on 0424 320 000 or complete our FREE online quote form.

Exterior Window Cleaning FAQs

Generally, it would be best to clean the exterior of your Melbourne home once or twice per year. But it wouldn’t do any harm to your windows or property’s aesthetic if you follow a seasonal exterior window cleaning schedule. Also, the frequency of window cleaning depends on factors, such as:

  • Level of Pollution
  • Type of window
  • Weather condition
  • Type of trees around your house (especially the ones with lots of pollen)
  • Property located near a busy street
  • Nearby construction
  • Personal preference

Here’s a Pro tip for you: Regular exterior window cleaning helps prevent hard water stain damage to the windows. Over time, the sun bakes hard water stains and makes it very difficult to remove them. If you wait too long to perform professional exterior window cleaning, the stains containing mineral build-up can etch the glass to cause permanent damage.

Of course, we can! Our local exterior window cleaners have the expertise and the specialised equipment required to clean higher, hard-to-reach exterior windows. For instance, we can reach buildings with glass up to 20 metres (6 stories) above ground in most cases – that too without the need for ladders or scaffolding. We have a safer and inexpensive method to deliver results that speak for themselves and save our esteemed clients their valuable time and money.

Being the leading window cleaners in Melbourne, we employ the latest window cleaning technology called the Pure Water System. It involves using a long water-fed pole with a Deionisation (DI) Tank, which purifies hard water using ion-exchange resins to deliver steak-free window cleaning. Most importantly, it’s eco-friendly, chemical-free, and guarantees impeccable, streak-free shine.

While the DIY route might seem tempting, several factors point to the value of hiring professionals:

  1. Safety: Professional cleaners are well-trained to handle heights and Work On Height Certified, ensuring your well-being and peace of mind.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: DIY may seem budget-friendly, but expenses for equipment and potential errors can add up. Professional services often offer competitive, all-inclusive pricing.
  3. Quality: Professionals utilize advanced tools (Pure-Water System) and techniques for streak-free, sparkling results that DIY methods may struggle to achieve.
  4. Time-Saving: Window cleaning demands time and effort. Professionals efficiently tackle the task (Up to 6 times faster), allowing you to focus on other priorities.
  5. Additional Services: Many professional services provide bundled packages, including services like solar panel, driveway, and gutter cleaning, maximizing your investment.

In the end, opting for professional services ensures safety, efficiency, and superior outcomes, saving you time and potential long-term costs. Experience the difference of Mr. Window Cleaning for a pristine and hassle-free solution.

Absolutely! We understand that sometimes our customers have budget-constraints and cannot hire us for our most in-demand interior and exterior window cleaning. That’s why we have flexible window cleaning services designed to cater every requirement thrown our day. You want to take care of interior window cleaning while we handle the exterior, count us in! Or you can do the other way around and we’ll still deliver the best results.

However, we must tell you that the there’s an exponential difference in the quality of outcome. After all, our professional window cleaners have years of experience and specialised equipment for such service. Not to forget that there are many potential hazards if you opt for the DIY window cleaning route. Therefore, it would be best to hire professionals for exterior and interior window cleaning. 

Safety isn’t just a priority for Mr Window Cleaning®—it’s the foundation of our operations, especially when tending to the exterior windows of multi-storey homes or buildings. Each member of our team undergoes intensive training, instilling in them a respect for and adherence to stringent safety standards. We don’t merely rely on their expertise; we back them up with the use of industry-standard harnesses, safety lines, and cutting-edge equipment. This ensures every cleaning task, no matter how challenging, is executed with utmost security.

Beyond our commitment to safety measures, it’s worth noting that we’re a fully insured window cleaning company based in Melbourne. This isn’t just about compliance; it’s about giving our clients an extra layer of confidence and peace of mind, knowing that they’re in the hands of professionals who prioritize both craftsmanship and care.

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