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Exterior House Washing Melbourne

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Professional External House Washing Services

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Dirt, grime, mould, mildew, and mineral deposits can turn your home’s exterior into a dull-looking eyesore. Moreover, they slowly damage the paint and the foundation of the home. No wonder why regular external house washing is considered best defence against expensive repairs, discolouration, rotting, and other damages. And that’s where Mr. Window Cleaning® swings into action with unparalleled external house washing service Melbourne. We’re not just blasting away at your home; we’re artfully removing layers of grime and other accumulations while maintaining the charm of your exterior.

Our local Melbourne external house washer team is skilled in handling pressure (figuratively and literally)—tuning it perfectly for each surface, ensuring a clean that’s both thorough and delicate. With us, you won’t find any traces of our visit, except for the dazzling, fresh look of your home. Trust us to give your house the gentle, effective makeover it deserves!

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Exterior house washing with pressure spray

Tired of seeing mould, mildew, and stains tarnishing your home’s facade? Revitalise it with our specialised external house washing service. Reach out today for a FREE QUOTE and watch our skilled team work wonders on your Melbourne home. Dial 042 432 0000 for a pristine exterior transformation!

How is Exterior House Washing Performed?

Our external house cleaning involves a delicate balance of low to medium pressure washing and eco-friendly cleaning agents, ensuring your Melbourne home’s exterior shines from the top to the bottom.


Pressure Washing

Utilising a potent 3000-5000 PSI high-pressure water spray, our method effectively strips away stubborn paint, mould, grime, and dirt, particularly from resilient concrete surfaces.


Soft Washing

For delicate or damage-prone surfaces, our Xjet Nozzle utilises a milder 800-1500 PSI pressure, ensuring an exterior cleaning performance that’s both tender and remarkably effective.

Water fed brush icon

Metal Scraping & Brushing

We use a professional-grade metal scraper for stubborn stains, algae, mortar, grime, and other hard materials. Afterwards, we do manual brushing to achieve a more detailed and precise clean.


Eco-Friendly Mould Treatment

Where high-pressure washing falls short, our customised, biodegradable solution steps in to remove stains and kill mould and mildew spores for a long-lasting effect on various surfaces.

What is Included in a Standard
Exterior House Washing Service?

Hiring professional external house washing services in Melbourne not only enhances your property’s aesthetic but also plays a crucial role in preventing deterioration, rotting, paint chipping, and other types of damage by removing:

External house wall cobweb removal

Benefits of External House Washing

  • Enhanced Curb Appeal
  • Longevity of Exterior
  • Cost-Effective Maintenance
  • Early Problem Detection  
  • Healthier Environment
  • Boosted Property Value

Dirt & Grime Buildup

Your home’s exterior walls are continuously exposed to environmental elements, leading to an alarming accumulation of dirt, grime, cobwebs and pollutants. These unsightly deposits diminish the beauty of your home and lead to deterioration, rotting, paint chipping, and discolouration. To combat this, our expert cleaning 3-step process is meticulously designed:

Step 1: Pre-Wash: We initially apply a gentle, eco-friendly solution to break down the dirt and grime, ensuring no damage to your home’s exterior.

Step 2: Soft Brushing: Using soft and hard-bristled brushes, we meticulously scrub the surfaces to dislodge stubborn particles and accumulations.

Step 3: Rinsing with Controlled Pressure: We then carefully rinse the walls with a controlled pressure wash, effectively removing all cleaning agents and loosened dirt for a spotless finish.


Mould & Mildew

Mould, algae, moss and mildew are like silent invaders. These culprits do more than just spoil your home’s good looks – they’re a real threat to your health. But worry not, our expert are here. With our specialised approach, we effectively wipe out these harmful growths, safeguarding both your home’s beauty and your family’s well-being.

Step 1: Targeted Treatment: We apply a non-toxic, biodegradable solution specifically formulated to break down mould and mildew without harming your home’s exterior or the environment. Our custom agent also helps prevent further mould & mildew growth.  

Step 2: A Thorough Rinse: The area is then rinsed with a low-pressure wash, removing all remnants of mould, mildew, and cleaning solutions, restoring your Melbourne house to its original, healthy state.

Don’t let your home’s beauty fade by external elements. Our exterior house washing service offers more than a clean look; it provides a new beginning. Call us at 0424 320 000 and witness the exceptional transformation that awaits your home.

Don’t let your home’s beauty fade by external elements. Our exterior house washing service offers more than a clean look; it provides a new beginning. Call us at 0424 560 000 and witness the exceptional transformation that awaits your home.

How Much Does Exterior House Washing Cost?

The cost of Exterior House Washing can vary from $200 to $400 for a standard single storey 3-bedroom home. Below are a range of factors influences the final quote:

Size of area icon

Area Size

Bigger Melbourne homes with vast exterior surfaces require more cleaning effort and time, often leading to increased costs for thorough and effective house washing.


Surface Condition

The volume of grime, mould, mildew, or other substances on the exterior can affect the cost. Heavily soiled surfaces require more intensive cleaning, which can be expensive.

Addtional optional service icon

Additional Services

If you opt for any other service along with external house washing, it will cost extra. For example, one of the add-on services in interior & exterior window cleaning or gutter cleaning.

Mr Window Cleaner on a ladder icon


Hard-to-reach high walls and areas blocked by landscaping or other features add maneuvering and complexity, ultimately impacting the cost and intricacy of the washing task.

Inside and Outside home window cleaning icon

Cleaning Method

It’s worth mentioning that pressure washer cannot be used on all surfaces. Therefore, more sophisticated or labour-intensive exterior washing methods usually carry a higher price tag.

Frequency of cleaning service icon

Frequency of Cleaning

Regular exterior washing can reduce the overall cost in the long term. Homes that haven’t been cleaned for a long time may require more intensive work, increasing the initial cost.

We offer FIXED pricing for external house washing, ensuring that there are no hidden charges or unpredictably fluctuating hourly rates. Call us today at 042 432 0000 for an instant quote.

Exterior house WashFAQs

Ideally, external house washing should be done at least once a year. However, high-traffic areas may need more frequent attention like entranceways, patios, and walkways. These spots often accumulate more dirt and wear due to regular use.   

Nonetheless, if algae, mould, and mildew spores in the air are a concern, cleaning your siding every six months is advisable. On the other hand, in certain situations, you might extend this interval to once every two years. This frequency largely depnds on the amount of sunlight exposure and shade your house receives throughout the day.

Yes, pressure washing can potentially damage paint, but it is important to focus on the word “potentially.” After all, much of this risk depends on the operator’s expertise. Many DIY attempts at external house washing end in damaged paint due to a lack of understanding about the correct pressure settings. At Mr Window Cleaning®, we mitigate this risk by employing a light-pressure technique, ensuring the surface remains undamaged.

In areas where paint or other surfaces are particularly sensitive, we avoid high-pressure washing altogether. Instead, we utilize a specialised Xjet Nozzle, which operates at a gentler pressure range of 800-1500 PSI. This approach allows us to effectively clean your house’s exterior while preserving the integrity of the paint and other delicate surfaces.

Our external house washing service is capable of thoroughly cleaning a wide variety of outdoor surfaces. These include areas like patios and decks, driveways, and walkways, which often accumulate algae, grime, mold, mildew, soot, oil stains, rust, and more. We also expertly handle different materials such as concrete, brick, roofing materials, siding, facades, and cladding. Additionally, we clean pavers, render, cement structures, stairwells, steps, and fences.

Our external house washing methods are tailored to each specific surface type, ensuring effective removal of build-ups while preserving the material’s integrity. Whether it’s the hard surfaces of driveways and walkways or the more delicate areas like roofing and siding, our team has the expertise to bring back their original look safely and efficiently.

Absolutely not. At the heart of our service philosophy is a firm commitment to the well-being of your pets, plants, and the environment. We are staunchly opposed to the use of any chemicals or detergents that could pose a risk to these precious elements of your home and life.

Our approach to external house washing centers on using only biodegradable solutions. These eco-friendly products effectively cleanse surfaces without leaving any harmful residues or causing damage to the surrounding natural environment. Alongside these gentle yet powerful cleaning agents, we employ pressure-washing techniques that are both efficient and environmentally conscious.

Firstly, the size of your house plays a significant role in determining how long the washing process will take. A smaller home or one with a simpler architectural design can be cleaned relatively quickly, often falling on the lower end of the time estimate. In contrast, larger homes with more square footage or complex designs, featuring multiple stories, intricate trim, or hard-to-reach areas, will naturally require more time for a thorough clean.

Additionally, the condition of your home significantly affects the washing time. A well-maintained house that receives regular cleanings may only need a quick refresh, resulting in a shorter washing duration. On the other hand, homes that haven’t been washed for an extended period or those exposed to harsh environmental conditions might have accumulated more dirt, grime, mould, or mildew. Such cases often require more intensive labour and time to restore the exterior to its pristine condition.

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