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Brick Cleaning Melbourne

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Professional Brick Cleaning Services

Revive Your Brickwork with Melbourne’s Premier Cleaning Experts

If your Melbourne home’s bricks have unsightly algae, mildew, or hard-to-remove excess mortar stain after builder renovation. These imperfections don’t just wash off with a simple scrub. Attempting a DIY could actually make things worse. Brick cleaning isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Bricks are resilient, but they need the right touch. And when it’s about your home’s appeal and safety, it’s crucial to consult professionals like Mr Window Cleaning®.

As Melbourne’s trusted brick cleaning specialists, we go beyond mere cleaning. With the latest tools and expertise, we ensure your bricks aren’t just clean but are brought back to their prime. Each home is unique, and so is our approach. Our tailor-made brick cleaning services fit your home’s specific needs, ensuring its timeless beauty and integrity are preserved.

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At Mr Window Cleaning®, we’re not just about cleaning bricks; we’re about revealing the true beauty of your home’s exterior.  Request your FREE quote today and see the difference for yourself. Call 042 432 0000 and let your home shine like never before!

How is Brick Cleaning Performed?

Cleansing bricks requires a nuanced approach, and there are several effective methods at our disposal to tackle various challenges. Check below:

Acid wash icon

Acid Wash

This measured yet effective method includes pre-treating bricks with Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) for 15-20 minutes to dissolve highly stubborn mortar remains and paint marks. 


Metal Scraper

We use a commercial-grade metal scraper to remove dirt, grime, mortar, and other hard materials. It effectively removes efflorescence, the white powdery substance on the brick surfaces.


High Pressure Cleaner

For tough surface & tough stain, we apply a powerful 3000-5000PSI pressure to eliminate deep-seated stains, dirt, grime and thick mold growth.


Xjet Nozzle

When dealing with delicate or easily damaged surfaces, our Xjet Nozzle employs a lower pressure 800-1500 PSI, ensuring gentle yet effective cleaning.

What Can Be Removed in Brick Cleaning?

Although the enhanced aesthetic appeal of your Melbourne property is a clear benefit of brick cleaning service, there are two other important reasons that stand out:


Benefits of Brick Cleaning

  • Maintains Structural Integrity
  • Prolongs Lifespan of Bricks
  • Increases Property’s Value
  • Helps Avoid Costly Repairs
  • Effectively Removes Efflorescence
  • Reduces Mould and Mildew Accumulation

Mortar & Concrete Stains

The mortar stains left behind after new brickwork or a renovation can be challenging to remove and often requires professional assistance. Luckily, we possess the expertise to clean bricks using Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) without causing damage. All thanks to our proven 3-step process:

Step 1: Acid Wash: We carefully dilute the hydrochloric acid with water and spray it onto the brick surface. We let it sit for 15-20 minutes.

Step 2: Hand Scraping: We use commercial-grade metal scraper to remove big uneven mortar.

Step 3: High Pressure Wash: Afterward, we thoroughly rinse the treated area with pressure washer to remove the acid and dissolved mortar.


Algae & Moss Growth

Algae and moss are the villains of the aesthetics and integrity of brick surfaces. But worry not because we have the “hero” to neutralize them. We use sodium hypochlorite (bleach) to effectively combat and remove these growths. We restore your bricks to their original pristine state with 2-step process:  

Step 1: Chemical Wash: We pre-treat the dampened, moss- and algae-affected bricks with diluted sodium hypochlorite. It also prevents further moss growing on the area. We let it sit for 10-15 minutes

Step 2: Rinsing With Low Pressure: Following that, we use a specifically designed XJet Nozzle to meticulously remove loosened moss and algae from all nooks and crannies.

Don’t settle for grimy brick. You can reclaim their beauty with just one call. Contact us today on  0424 320 000 for a transformative brick cleaning service.

How Much Does Brick Cleaning Cost?

Brick cleaning price in Melbourne typically falls between $3-12 per square meter, though multiple variables might affect the final cost.

Size of area icon

Area Size

The bigger the brick area, the more cleaning it needs. Though it increases the cost, restoring that large brickwork to its original charm is priceless.


Bricks’ Condition

Years of accumulated stains and marks mean a tougher cleaning challenge. This extra labour-intensive effort can understandably bump up the service cost.


Surface’s Condition

Not all surfaces require same pressure cleaning treatment – meaning thick layers of dirt and grime demand more time. Naturally, they come at a slightly steeper price.

Mr Window Cleaner on a ladder icon


Affected brick areas high up or tucked behind structures present unique cleaning challenges. This difficulty in accessibility can naturally lead to higher cleaning costs.


Cleaning Method

Brick cleaning methods that delves deeper using specialized chemicals often cost more. These in-depth treatments demand a higher price than your regular pressure washing.

Frequency of cleaning service icon


Consistent brick maintenance always pays off! Those who regularly tend to their bricks typically face lower costs compared to those who let years pass between cleanings.

With our fixed pricing for brick cleaning in Melbourne, you won’t have to worry about daunting hourly or hidden charges. Call Mr Window Cleaning® now on 0424 320 000 or complete our FREE online quote form.

Brick Cleaning FAQs

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Ideally, a visual inspection is best. If the bricks start showing signs of discoloration, moss, or efflorescence, it’s time for a cleaning. Given how rapidly mold, moss, and mildew can grow, many homeowners find it beneficial to hire professionals for brick cleaning once or twice a year.

Pro Tip: When considering the frequency of brick cleaning, always lean towards professional services. While DIY methods might seem cost-effective, they can often lead to substandard results or, worse, damage to the bricks.

There are various methods to ensure bricks are cleaned efficiently, each tailored to specific conditions and brick types:

Power washing: The technique of power washing uses a potent stream of water (at 3000-5000 PSI) to forcefully remove dirt, grime, moss, and other substances from brick surfaces. It provides a thorough clean but must be executed with caution to avoid potential damage.

Soft washing: For bricks that might be more susceptible to damage or are historically significant, soft washing is the preferred option. This technique utilizes a low-pressure water stream (800-1500 PSI) combined with a gentle cleaning solution, ensuring the brick’s integrity while effectively removing dirt and stains.

Acid washing: Reserved for the most stubborn of stains like graffiti, paint, or severe mineral deposits, acid washing can work wonders. However, this method is not without its risks. The harsh nature of the acids can erode or discolour bricks, which is why it’s imperative that only seasoned professionals undertake this task.

It is 100% safe when done by a professional. Pressure washing is an incredibly effective technique for rejuvenating brick surfaces, removing years of dirt, grime, and environmental wear. However, its potency also brings about potential risks, especially when DIY brick cleaning is done. Using the wrong pressure settings can damage the very structure of the brick and more crucially, the mortar that binds bricks together. When done haphazardly, a pressure washer can erode these surfaces, compromising the longevity and appearance of a brick structure.

Professional brick cleaners in Melbourne possess an extensive reservoir of experience and knowledge that allows them to navigate these challenges with precision. They understand the nuances of different brick types, their age, and their conditions. This enables them finely adjust the pressure settings, choose the optimal nozzle for dispersing water, and even decide on the best cleaning agents that enhance cleaning without causing harm. Moreover, they typically test their settings on a small, inconspicuous patch before fully engaging, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of their approach.

Cleaning duration for bricks can vary significantly based on several factors. The size of the area in question and the level of accumulated dirt and grime play a huge role in determining the time needed. For an average-sized home, the process might span from a few hours to an entire day.

Understanding the unpredictability of the duration, Mr. Window Cleaning offers its Melbourne clientele a unique proposition for their peace of mind. Instead of an hourly rate, wecharge a fixed amount for our brick cleaning services. This ensures that no matter how long the job takes, customers are billed a set price without any hidden costs, guaranteeing not only transparent pricing but also top-notch service.

Professional brick cleaning is an art and a science combined, ensuring that these sturdy materials retain their inherent charm. At Mr. Window Cleaning, we pride ourselves on employing a myriad of advanced techniques and treatments tailored to achieve the best results possible for each unique brick surface.

From minor stains to major discolorations, our thorough approach targets every imperfection. While it’s true that certain extreme stains or age-related discolorations may resist complete restoration, one thing is certain: once our team completes its task, the transformation will be evident. You’ll be greeted with bricks that are revitalized, displaying a cleanliness that stands testament to our commitment to excellence.

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